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Brock Winkler
Lead Pastor

Worship Leader

The worship leader will work closely with our pastor in cultivating worship services and our worship team that help lead our congregation to see and savor the greatness of God in Jesus Christ, in the power of the Spirit. Fostering dynamic congregational worship, singing the best of the old and the best of the new, is a key priority for our church and we are seeking an individual who’s called and gifted by God in the following areas:

This individual is expected to:

A. Be gifted in leading congregational worship.

B. Possess leadership and organizational skills.

C. Be a team player.


Specific Responsibilities

1. Planning our weekly Sunday 10:00am worship service. Choosing worship songs that engage the congregation and support the reading and preaching of God’s Word.

2. Modeling and leading heartfelt worship in an invitational style – that draws people in, encourages participation, and points people to Jesus.

3. Recruiting, auditioning, teaching, and training musicians in the church to serve the congregation as a team with musical skill and humility.

4. Leading weekly rehearsals that serve a dual purpose: (A) preparation for Sunday and (B) cultivation of Christ-centered community.

5. Building on our traditions and having a vision for where God might be calling our congregation and our musicians to grow in new expressions of worship.

6. Serving as a member of the ministry team at The Journey, demonstrating a commitment to this congregation and its mission.


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